Steamer Agency

Vessel Agency

Synergy satisfies all local and statutory regulations and formalities on behalf of charterers and owners for their vessels call in Indian ports. Our Vessel Agency Teams have good rapport with port authorities, Customs offices and all other relevant authorities. The teams are professional, experienced and knowledgeable to offer timely services ensuring quick turnaround time for vessels. We understand & provide all support to Ship Masters / Principles when their vessels call any port in India.

Service Highlights


  • Appointment acceptance and acknowledgement for agency services
  • Sending estimated port disbursement account to the principals
  • Declaring vessel to port authorities.
  • Updating berthing prospects to the principals and master.
  • Keeping the concerned authorities and agencies updated on vessel ETA.
  • Arranging in advance for priority berthing, if required.

Port Operation

  • Arrival arrangements for vessel berthing / anchoring.
  • Arranging arrival clearances with MMD, Coast Guard, Customs, Immigration and other relevant agencies.
  • Coordination of requisite surveys as required by principals.
  • Coordinating with cargo handling agency for smooth operations.
  • Monitoring vessel operations and keeping all concerned updated at regular intervals.
  • Maintaining record of activity timings.
  • Releasing Delivery order for discharge cargo as advised by principals.
  • Coordination for preparation of SOF (Statement of Fact).
  • Coordination in preparation of shipping documents as per approval from principals.
  • Submission of relevant shipping documents to concerned authorities as per requirement.
  • Submission of tax returns and obtaining clearance.
  • Obtaining timely clearances for vessel departure.
  • Ensuring quick turnaround time for vessel.

Vessel Husbanding and Support Services

  •  Arranging Cash to Master.
  •  Clearance and delivery of spares, mails etc.
  •  Meet and Greet.
  •  Crew Sign on / Sign off
  •  Travel and transport of vessel personnel.
  •  Arranging phone, internet services for vessel personnel.
  •  Coordination delivery of stores, provisions to the vessel
  •  Arranging for medical requirement, doctor oncall, ambulance service, and hospitalization.
  •  Other services required as approved by principals.

Post Departure

  • Submission of relevant documents to concerned authorities upon vessel sailing.
  • Settlement of dues with all authorities and agencies.
  • Preparation of Final Disbursement Account and submission to Principals with all supporting documents.

Synergy is committed to providing dedicated, efficient and sincere services.